Harvest Moon Music Festival, 6th – 8th September

29 August, 2013

There are ticketed and non-ticketed gigs in various locations around the village – Just follow the pints....and the music!

Line -up  includes:

The Saxy Lady Boys; The Ceili Allstars; John Walsh; Mongoose ; Seany K and friends; Wiggle;  the Eskies; Paul Tiernan and Tony Davis; JoJaris; Jim Murray and Richard Lucey; Rag Order; Camilla Griehsel Vearncombe and Maurize Seezer; Gypsy Rebel Rabble; SpeedKlunge; Moon Coin; Mick Callaghan; Dott;  Schullduggery;  Him and Me , Gik and Shane, Wan Pablo and others.....

Ceili Allstars

The Marquee @ Mixen Market Headline event

Music from 3pm until midnight!  Bands include Wiggle, The Saxy Lady Boys, The Eskies, Gypsy Rebel Rabble, Mick O Callaghan , Crayonsmith and SpeedKlunge. 

Saxy lady boys (2)

LotusEater pic

Beer and Wine Bar on-site together with food and coffee stalls and facepainting and Hoola Hooping for kids. 

Tickets €25 if bought online, €35 if bought on the day   (Children under 12 go free)

 For more information/to buy tickets just go to:  www.harvestmoonmusicfestival.com
Phone: 085/218 0484 0r 086/059 3248

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